Anem Group - Manufacturing and repairing reducer gearboxes for the steel industry - Cisalla CV-50-FR6. Improvement project

Sector: Steel Industry


In the event of insufficient structural resistance of the original crankcase due to fatigue and environmental corrosion, a new crankcase of greater capacity is designed and built without incurring production downtime of more than 24 hours, based on the information provided by the original manufacturer and measurements taken in combination with our technicians and the user’s technicians.
Once the crankcase has been built, during the plant’s annual technical shutdown, it is completed in 12 days by a team of our best machinists and assemblers:

  • Receipt of original shears.
  • Dismantling and general diagnostics.
  • Dismantling of the original fleet.
  • Thorough cleaning.
  • Completion and coupling of the internal lubrication and oil injection piping system.
  • Assessment of the condition of the bearings.
  • Replacement of bearings in poor condition.
  • Assembly of the original mobiles.
  • General adjustment.
  • Assembly.
  • Global technical documentation for the possibility of manufacturing spare parts without manufacturing downtime.