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Special designs, improvement projects, modifications and transmission assistance
Anem Group Ingeniería - Special designs, improvement projects, modifications and transmission assistance
  • Our engineering department offers a bespoke design that adapts to our clients’ needs and requirements.
  • We design new mechanical transmissions as well as recalculating and improving existing ones.
  • We offer technical advice and engineering projects in order to modernise and repower the original equipment to increase your productivity.
  • In replacement projects, we can offer equipment that is fully interchangeable with the equipment already installed, thereby reducing the costs of adapting the installation to new equipment with different dimensions.
  • Our calculations are based on DIN, ISO, API, AGMA standards, with which we can ensure the verification of the calculations and the resistance of the elements in the machine, based on basic factors of safety and longevity.

Modification of transmissions

We can make modifications to existing transmissions and adapt them to the client’s new requirements.

Laser alignment

We are obliged to ensure that the alignment between horizontal or vertical shafts is correct in order to prevent potential breakdowns in the future.

Special designs

Our technical department allows us to carry out any design adapted to each client’s needs.

Reverse engineering

We develop sketches and drawings based on a sample of the gears, on the basis of measurements, verifications and calculations.

Transmission assistance

We analyse all types of mechanical transmissions and adapt them to current operating conditions.

Torsional calculations

To ensure that there is no overlap between the natural frequencies and the excitation frequencies.

Vibration control analysis

For highly important equipment, vibration monitoring is recommended in order to follow its process through maintenance.